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Wildflower Soapworks body care products are made in Elk Rapids, Michigan. We make these products because we care about our bodies and what our families are using on their skin. If you are in the area, stop by and see us!

We are often told that we have "too much fun" at the soap shop. 

There is no such thing. 

It all Started with a science project

"In 2002 my daughter's second grade class was assigned the task of putting together a science project based on a non-fiction book. I took my daughter to the bookstore and we searched the aisles, finally a book on soap making caught our eye. When we brought the book home and read through it she realized that soap making was too detailed and she wanted to do something simpler (she was 7 years old at the time). A few months later I tried out a recipe from the book and I was hooked! After 16 years of soap making  the process of taking natural oils and turning them into soap is still magical to me.

Our small batch body care products are made in  Elk Rapids, Michigan. I take pride in finding the highest quality sustainably produced ingredients for our products. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.”


     With love,                                                                                                 

     Teresa Peck
     Founder and Owner of Wildflower Soapworks

Teresa Peck (right) with daughter Victoria Peck (left).

16 years after the first batch of soap was made.


Address: 117 River Street

Elk Rapids, Michigan

Phone: (231)264-8000

Email:  wildflowersoapworks@gmail.com

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        Wildflower Soapworks   117 River Street, Elk Rapids, Michigan          Phone: (231) 264-8000